Broken Garage Springs Replacement

Most homeowners with a garage door have experienced broken garage door springs. The springs carry the weight of the door by providing counterbalance force that acts against the force of gravity. This makes it easy for the mechanism to open and close the heavy garage door with ease. However just like anything else, the garage door springs break necessitating broken garage springs replacement services from your local garage door experts.

Can you make garage doors last longer?

Garage door springs are made to last for 10,000 cycles. A cycle refers to each time the door moves up and then down. It therefore means that the life cycle of your garage door depends highly on how many times you use the garage door. This means that you can extend the life of the springs by avoiding unnecessary use of the garage door. Avoid especially children playing with the garage door by keeping the remote away from their reach.

Also a little maintenance goes a long way in making your springs last for a long time. Regular maintenance by a professional is required for your garage door. When regularly maintained the small problems that might lead to damage of the springs are spotted and corrected beforehand.

Reasons why garage door springs break

If you are in need of broken garage springs replacement you could be wondering what caused your springs to break. Well the first reason the springs will break is because of wear and tear. For large families and where the garage door is used extensively, wear and tear is inevitable and the springs may just break in even one year depending on usage. Another thing that can cause a lot of damage to the springs is rust. Rust corrodes and eats away on the springs making damage through wear and tear a lot more pronounced and fast. Lubricating the door regularly keeps rust away and helps the springs last long.

To ensure that your garage springs are working and holding up well ensure that you test them regularly to check for faults.